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Chairman  Sasaki Shigeru

The Tsushima area where we live has become a land that cannot be returned due to radioactive contamination. My feelings for my hometown are in constant pain and hardship. I would like to let everyone know about the strong desire to preserve the leftover family and landscape as a memory heritage, and what was left of radioactive contamination.


Konno Hidenori (Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Tsushima Victims Plaintiffs Leader)

We have built a strong foothold in the area, centered on our homes, helping people to help each other, and weaving the history of Tsushima. I intended to close my life here, but suddenly I was interrupted by the nuclear accident. I feel regret. My heart is overwhelmed by the pain of losing the scenery of this nostalgic hometown.


Sanpei Harue

Our family lived with 10 people for 4 generations. Living with grandchildren and great-grandchildren was our bright light. Large happy families were dispersed in 6 places and became a separated life. I would like to ask everyone to know the current situation so that we will never leave the victims of the nuclear accident like us again and leave a proof of living in Tsushima .


Konno Michio

Ten years have passed since I was forced to leave my hometown, and now I am living in a temporary home in a foreign country. Under such circumstances, volunteers stood up to record their hometown not only in “memory” but also in “record”. I want to tell children and grandchildren who grew up without knowing about Tsushima, about Tsushima.


Konno Chiyo

It's such a painful, painful, sad and lonely refuge. The last memory of my home was that my daughter returned home with her grandson in the New Year of 2011 and had a good time with my family. As time goes by, regretful feelings continue to grow. I have a lot of fun memories. I want to tell children and grandchildren that this is Tsushima.


Muto Haruo (Tsushima Plaintiffs Secretary General)

I am very sorry why this happened. You can never give up who is responsible. I can't do what I didn't have. If I can get it back myself, I want to get it back tomorrow. I feel I have gone out of my reach. We would appreciate your understanding of this impatient feeling.


Ishii Hiromi

The richness and beauty of nature, as well as the bond between people who thought that they will continue to be connected in the future, will bring a sense of security brought about by the richness of humanity. Having repeatedly moved since I was a child, I had no hometown, but I was finally robbed of the hometown I had acquired over 40 years.


Kubota Michiyo

Every time I return home, the paddy fields become a willow forest , trees grow in my neighborhood, and I can't see the main house . Very sad and full of regrets. I want to manage to leave Tsushima, the hometown of the rough, even in the image .


Sasaki Yasuko

In 2011, my husband and second son continued to die of illness. Throughout the evacuation shelter, I couldn't lay my husband's bones and couldn't mourn for 49 days. It was a tough and painful year for me. I want to go home as early as possible. I want to go home with my husband and son waiting. And I want to go home before I become a bone.


Shida Shoji

I worked as a hoe in the folk entertainment "Tsushima no Ueda Odori" . I thought it was impossible because I hadn't danced for 10 years, but when I started dancing I remembered my body . There are many animals jumping around in Tsushima today, but one day I want to return to my hometown and dance. In my garden, there is a cherry tree planted when my eldest son was born. When I'm in full bloom, I go home for a while and I miss the cherry blossoms by myself.


Kubota Taiko

I think of my hometown. Looking back, it may be several hours. I can no longer do challenging field work or self-employed work. The nature of Tsushima and the beauty of the four seasons are wonderful, and there are many unforgettable scenery and memories. So again, I think of my hometown.


Sasaki Kayoko


Noda Masaya (Photographer/Film Director / Representative of Media Labo Nodagra)

I started this project with the strong feelings of Tsushima people who want to keep their hometown in the image. I would be happy if I could shape the "moment of returning to the past". I hope that even after 50 or 100 years, the descendants will return to their hometowns and recreate Tsushima, where people live and connect with each other.


スクリーンショット 2020-06-12 11.05.30.png

"Return your hometown! Tsushima Nuclear Power Litigation" Plaintiffs/Attorneys

The government and TEPCO are requested to reduce the radiation dose in the entire area, and to provide a gratitude to the government and TEPCO for health anxiety caused by high-concentration radiation exposure due to the fact that they have been separated from the "hometown" and did not provide appropriate information. I am billing. A conclusion will be reached in 2020, and a decision will be made in March 2021.

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Request for "" Online Signature

I hope a fair judgment so that I can return to my hometown as soon as possible! Your stroke is the driving force behind the judge's heart. We kindly ask for your support and signature.

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